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SEMcares.com exists to rally the Search Engine Marketing community to help those in need by using our SEO and SEM skills to generate awareness and financial aid by delivering visitors to reputable and deserving relief organizations. More...
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SEMcares.com calls to the SEO & SEM/PPC members of the Search Engine Marketing community to contribute ANY amount of coding/PPC setup time and/or financial contribution to setting up SEO and/or PPC driven traffic to ANY deserving and reputable relief organization's pages...Select an organization from our list, or target your own, but put your SEO/PPC powers to good use TODAY, register your time/money spent here, and tell the world that Search Engine Marketing cares!

SEMcares.com is here for the long haul!
We plan to keep this site/concept in place through this current disaster and thereafter to continually rally the Search Engine Marketing community to help those in need!

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SEMcares.com Information & FAQ

What is SEMcares.com?
exists as a focal point to rally the "SEM" (Search Engine Marketing) community to help those in need by using our "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) and "SEM" skills to generate awareness and financial aid to disasters and worthy causes by delivering search engine visitors to deserving organization pages and sites.

Additionally, SEO and SEM/PPC providers can show the world their efforts by logging their time volunteered and money spent on SEMcares.com, which prominently displays "The SEMcares.com Contributions Board" on all pages.

Why not just contribute my money directly to these organizations rather than spend time and money delivering visitors to them, as suggested by SEMcares.com?
Actually, we would encourage you to do BOTH!

As SEO/SEM providers know...


Additionally, A) SEO generated traffic is "costless" and will continue to generate "free" visitors to these sites long after the initial effort, and B) For PPC marketers, let's say that you have $20 dollars you'd like to personally contribute to the relief organization of your choice, well, if you spend $0.05 cents delivering a single visitor via Google Adwords/Adsense to a relief organization page who makes a $20 donation, you'll increase YOUR originally intended donation amount benefit exponentially!

Lastly, not to forget, there will be powerful and FREE "branding/awareness" benefit to these organizations through your SEO/SEM/PPC efforts they would not otherwise experience!

A REAL WORLD SEM BENEFIT EXAMPLE: $7.99 cents spent at Google Adwords generated 35,000 recipient ad/Brand/URL/Site impressions and 107 donation page visitors in one case that we are aware of…now imagine 5,000 SEM providers around the globe doing the same thing!!!! We CAN make a difference, people! And when you do, make sure you log your efforts at SEMcares.com to show the world that Search Engine Marketing cares!

Is SEMcares.com only about the Tsunami disaster?
No, SEMcares.com will remain active after this disaster to be ready to drive help, awareness and donations in the future whenever, wherever,  and however needed by world events.

Who's behind SEMcares.com?
Gregory Markel, Founder/President of Search Engine Marketing firm, www.InfuseCreative.com originated the SEMcares.com idea, with programming support from Carl Inniss, www.carlinniss.com and additional support and suggestions from Kevin Lee, CEO, www.did-it.com, Barbara Coll, www.SEMPO.org chairman, and www.webmama.com CEO.

SEMcares.com Thank You's!
Thanks for helpful suggestions to Dana Todd, www.SiteLab.com Executive Vice President www.SiteLab.com, and the teams at SEO-PR, www.SEO-PR.com and PR Web, www.PRWeb.com for their generous press release support of SEMcares.com..

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