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SEMcares.com exists to rally the Search Engine Marketing community to help those in need by using our SEO and SEM skills to generate awareness and financial aid by delivering visitors to reputable and deserving relief organizations. More...
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SEMcares.com calls to the SEO & SEM/PPC members of the Search Engine Marketing community to contribute ANY amount of coding/PPC setup time and/or financial contribution to setting up SEO and/or PPC driven traffic to ANY deserving and reputable relief organization's pages...Select an organization from our list, or target your own, but put your SEO/PPC powers to good use TODAY, register your time/money spent here, and tell the world that Search Engine Marketing cares!

SEMcares.com is here for the long haul!
We plan to keep this site/concept in place through this current disaster and thereafter to continually rally the Search Engine Marketing community to help those in need!

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Volunteering your time for those in need or a just cause is a WONDERFUL thing to do. We urge you to use your SEM skills to help those in need! If you do so, please enter the time and money you’ve contributed here either by name or anonymously so that we add your numbers/efforts to our Contributions Board to show the world that Search Engine Marketing Cares!

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Very Important Message: Please be 100% accurate and honest in your entries here. It's critically important that the integrity of the SEMcares.com "SEM Community Contributions Board" numbers are accurate. Thank you.

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"*SEMcares.com does NOT accept donations directly nor in anyway what so ever for any of the non-profit organizations listed or alluded to on SEMcares.com. These numbers simply display A) whatever labor and paid search monies independent search marketing volunteers choose to provide, hence "donate" on their own to help a non-profit increase its search visibility and donations, and B) the labor and paid search monies they have donated and then choose to share with the world via the SEMcares.com 'Contributors Hall' link and fields therein.